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Submitted by Nina Schmidt on
2024 Renewal Update

This information below contains the following:

1) 2024 PIBC Renewal Notices

2) How to set your password and login in the current database

3) PIBC CPL reporting in the current database (Candidate & Certified members)

4) CIP Insurance Program Updates (Candidate & Certified members)


Renewal contact: Nina Schmidt - office@pibc.bc.ca (on holidays Dec 18 - Jan 1)

CPL contact: Kelly Chan - kelly.chan@pibc.bc.ca

The PIBC office will be officially closed between Dec 25, 2023 until Jan 1, 2024.


PIBC membership always belongs with the person and not with the current employer, although the employer may cover the annual membership fees. Members are responsible for ensuring PIBC will receive the annual Renewal payment on time to keep their memberships in good standing.

We don't allow putting memberships on hold (no payment for a year / equal to resignation). Please check to see if you can apply for on leave status.

The PIBC membership renewal payment is always due on January 2 of the given renewal year and late fees will apply for late payments. We don't allow partial fees during the year. If your fees are normally covered by your employer and but are not covered during your on leave status, please talk with your employer to confirm if they can reimburse you later in the year (when you are back at work). Please forward your Renewal payment receipt to them.

If you have sent us an On Leave or Retired Membership request form, you will receive the Renewal notice email ( due to bulk emails per membership category) based on your old status or category. Please disregard the email and do not proceed with the Renewal process. We will follow up with you at our earliest convenience to send you a revised Renewal Notice for the correct category & status.


If you are tax exempt: you as member - please go through the Renewal process to update your contact information and choose the Invoice option at the end.

When the Invoice is issued: please contact us by email (office@pibc.bc.ca) and forward us the proof for tax exemption & please let us know for which member you will need a tax exempt Invoice if your accounting department will contact us. We will cancel the current Invoice & will send a revised one without taxes included (receipt would be send to primary email address of the member).


Non-Resident categories (PIBC as 2nd or 3rd PTIA) will receive a manually issued Renewal Invoice via email, which can be paid online. There is currently no renewal process available for the Non-Resident membership categories. CPL Reporting needs to be done via your main PTIA profile. PIBC will confirm your CPL reports with your main PTIA.


Due to the cycle change to Jan 1, 2024 - March 1, 2025: the 2024 CIP Insurance certificates should be available by January 1, 2024 (depending that the member finished the online renewal process). Please contact us via office@pibc.bc.ca with your inquiry and we will get back to you, when it will be able to be send out. Please use your 2024 Fee payment receipt as proof, that you have paid for Insurance coverage until then.


1) 2024 PIBC Renewal Notices: 

No login needed for Renewal link / Payment due Jan 2, 2024

Auto-generated Renewal Notices were sent out to each member from info@pibc.bc.ca . Non-Resident members received their Renewal Invoice as well as there is currently no online renewal process in place for the Non-Resident categories.

Please check your SPAM filter or contact us at info@pibc.bc.ca if you did not receive it or if you updated your email address in between. We will need to send it again.

You only will find the specific Renewal link in the email. You won't be able to renew via your member profile. 

Please only forward the whole Renewal notice email including link, if needed, since just copying & pasting the renewal link will break the Renewal link function and it won't work. It can also cause issues when you click the link multiple times until you finish the process. Please contact info@pibc.bc.ca should you experience any issues.

It won't cause issues to copy & paste an Invoice payment link (renewal process finished & invoice was issued).

Accounting Departments can contact info@pibc.bc.ca to receive a list with the info, who of their employees are currently a PIBC member and would need to renew so to not miss any members. Only current members, who have included the company as the organization in their profile, will be shown.

If your Student or Candidate Membership have reached the expiry date as of Dec 31, 2023 you won't receive a 2024 Renewal notice.

Current Accredited Student members (PIBC is in contact with SFU, UBC, UNBC & VIU to get graduation year confirmed) & Non-Accredited Student Subscribers (both currently no annual Fees) will be manually renewed by PIBC staff. Please check that your contact info is current.

If a grad year of a Non-Accredited Student Subscriber is reached, we will change them for the upcoming Renewal cycle to the normal Public Subscriber rate unless we receive other Feedback.


If you have any questions about your membership or you would like to change your status, please don’t hesitate to contact us BEFORE you go through the Renewal process: info@pibc.bc.ca.

Category or status changes: https://www.pibc.bc.ca/membership-transfers-status-changes

PIBC Fee schedule : https://www.pibc.bc.ca/fee-schedule

PIBC Member roster: https://www.pibc.bc.ca/members/register-of-members

The auto-generated emails will be sent from info@pibc.bc.ca. Please check your SPAM filter to avoid receiving issues. The person-specific Renewal link will not need a login and you will be able to pay with either Visa or Mastercard directly online at the end of the online Renewal process or you can issue and Invoice.

When paid: you as member will receive an auto-generated receipt email (sent from info@pibc.bc.ca). 

Invoice or receipt: please print or save as a PDF the given email. You can also check in your online profile under "My Transactions".


Please be aware, that each transaction in our current database will receive a new order number (Invoice issued and later paid by credit card for example = 2x transactions / renewal paid right away with credit card without issuing an Invoice in between: 1x transaction). The Invoice order number only stays the same for cheque or EFT payments.


Our new database is not set up to be able to change anything other than the given Invoice/Receipt template and since our membership is always only with the person and not with their current employer, CIP as main database holder decided, that only the member's name is shown and not the organization and to reflect, that an invoice/receipt is connected to their employer would be only possible to show it via the given address, where the member needs to chose the Business address to be shown on the Invoices/Receipts.


Payment Options

  • By Visa or Mastercard during the online Renewal process (Link in email) or later when Invoice was issued
  • When Invoice was issued: By electronic funds transfer (EFT). Please send us your EFT authorization form to office@pibc.bc.ca (also used to sent Remittance emails to), if this is not set up with PIBC yet. As reference needed: member name and/or Invoice number.
  • When Invoice was issued: By cheque / As reference needed: member name and/or Invoice number.
  • We don't accept Interac Money Transfers via email address

If your employer will pay:

You as member: please click on the given Renewal link (no login needed) and go through the short online Renewal process to update your contact information.

Please select the Cheque/Invoice option at the end. You will receive an auto-generated Invoice email with a "Pay Online" button (sent from info@pibc.bc.ca - please check your SPAM filter), which can be paid online by Visa or Mastercard (no login needed). Please forward this email to your employer if you don't have their credit card information on hand.

If your accounting department is not able to open the “Pay Online” link in the Invoice email, PIBC staff will forward the specific payments links required that the member went through the renewal process and issued an Invoice already.

When paid by credit card: you as member will receive right away an auto-generated Receipt email (sent from info@pibc.bc.ca). Please forward this email to your employer.

When paid by cheque or EFT (please use the order number or full member name as payment reference): you as member will receive an auto-generated Receipt email (sent from info@pibc.bc.ca), when PIBC staff added the payment info to your profile. Please forward this email to your employer.

Invoice or receipt: please print or save as a PDF from the given email or please check under "My Transactions" in your online profile.


2) How to Set Your Password and Login in the current database 

New applicants or pending Transfers won't get access until official approval.

You will need to set your password the first time you access the Member Area or to reset your password. 

Main PTIA: Your login access point and information is now the same for both the CIP and PIBC Member Areas.

Joint PTIA (PIBC as 2nd or 3rd PTIA): Your login access point and information will only give you access to the PIBC Member Areas. The CPL Reporting function will only be available via your main PTIA profile.

Username is always your primary email address.

  1. Go to the PIBC Member Area login page (Link: https://members.pibc.bc.ca/signin)
  2. Click “Forgot Password”
  3. Enter your primary email on file with PIBC and click submit. 
  4. You will receive an email from MPower (sent from info@pibc.bc.ca - please check your SPAM filter to avoid receiving issues). 
  5. Click the link provided to set your password


3) PIBC CPL Reporting:

PIBC Candidate & Certified Members are required to report their annual 2023 CPL activities by December 31, 2023.

Please find more information on PIBC CPL reporting & our current CPL Guide to download here:  https://www.pibc.bc.ca/latest-cpl-updates

Members who encounter CPL reporting challenges or may need more time and assistance can email Manager of Member Programs & Services Kelly Chan at kelly.chan@pibc.bc.ca.


CPL reporting with the current database:

New Updates - How to Report: Please report all CPL activities into the 2023 cycle (there is no longer a limit).

It's expected that the old "carry forward into next year" function (reporting function until Summer 2022) will be added into the current database sometimes in 2024 to reflect the old reporting style. We will keep you informed.


CPL reporting is reported per cycle, similar to reporting period or reporting year (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2022 / Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2023).

Please copy & paste for the 2023 reporting year from the provided Excel sheet here (stand as of November 23): 2023 PIBC CPL Events.

Please make sure to fill out the important fields such as Provider & Completion Date, although those fields are not marked as required yet. We will fix this with the new database provider soon, since this info is required to be provided for CPL Audit reasons.


4) CIP Insurance Program

Important Update: Professional Liability Insurance

Professional and Candidate members with Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) through BMS will have a 14-month term during the 2024 renewal cycle. This will include an additional two months of PLI fees.

We are moving all members to a March-February policy term in 2025 to reduce the number of members exposed to a lapse in coverage for those who are unable to renew by December 31. Please note that members are still required to renew by December 31, 2023 to ensure a continuation of coverage for 2024. The change in policy term will commence in 2025.


2024 Insurance certificates should be available by January 1, 2024 (depending that the member finished the online renewal process). Please contact us via office@pibc.bc.ca with your inquiry and we will get back to you, when it will be able to be send out. Please use your 2024 Fee payment receipt as proof, that you have paid for Insurance coverage until then.


Webinar: Are You Covered? How Professional Liability Insurance Protects You

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Speakers: Brent Cartwright and Tara Scullion – BMS

Please watch the Insurance webinar recording here.


Here are some frequently asked questions from our members about their PLI coverage:

Why do I need Professional Liability Insurance? 

Professional Liability Insurance protects you against liability or allegations of liability for injury or damages that have resulted from a negligent act, error, omission, or malpractice that has arisen out of your professional capacity as a planner or if a complaint is made against you to your regulatory body. As a Professional/Candidate member, your membership includes $5 million CAD in coverage.

How do I activate my Professional Liability Insurance?

Once you receive your membership renewal email notification, click the link to complete the following steps: review your contact information, update your communication preferences, and confirm your membership type. Then, select either the cheque/invoice or credit card payment option. Payment is not required at this time and can be received after January 1 with no consequence to your coverage. Once you have completed these steps, your renewal is considered complete and your insurance certificate start date will be issued. If you do not complete this renewal process by December 31, your coverage will lapse on January 1, 2024.

What happens if I do not renew my insurance by December 31?

Coverage is written on a claims-made basis and expires on January 1 of each year. If you do not renew your Professional Liability Insurance (which is included in your professional/candidate membership) by December 31, your coverage will lapse on January 1, 2024. As a result, you will be vulnerable to claims, even if the time period indicated in the complaint was during a period of active coverage.

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