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The PIBC Annual Student Fellowship Award provides funding to support Student members’ attendance at and participation in the PIBC’s Annual Conference in order that they may present their academic work to professional colleagues and conference attendees as part of the program of the Annual Conference.

Due to being part of the BC Land Summit conference, a multi-disciplinary conference organized in partnership with other allied professional associations, for this year (2019) only, the funding for the Fellowship Award has been reallocated to the Institute's Annual Student Conference Funding, in order to provide more opportunities for more Student members to attend the Land Summit conference. Please click here for the Annual Student Conference Funding page on our website for more information. Application for this award closed 12:00 PM (Pacific) on Friday, May 3, 2019.

Details for applications for the Annual Student Fellowship award are outlined below. As noted above, for 2019 only, this award was reallocated to the PIBC Annual Student Conference Funding as part of the 2019 BC Land Summit. Click here for more information.

  • Amount: This award shall be issued in an amount up to eight hundred dollars ($800) per recipient for 2018.
  • Number: This award shall be issued to one (1) eligible recipient from each of the Institute-recognized university planning programs in British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • Eligibility: This award shall be available to any Student member of the Institute in good standing who is currently enrolled in one of the Institute-recognized university planning programs in British Columbia and the Yukon. Any Student member who is already a recipient of another Student award or other financial support outlined in this policy shall not be eligible for this award during the same fiscal (calendar) year. Recipients of this award may only receive this award once during their tenure as a Student member of the Institute.
  • Application: In order to be considered for this award, interested eligible Student members must apply in writing to the Institute in full accordance with the application process and deadlines prescribed by the Institute, including providing: information about their academic achievements and areas of academic research; information about their proposed conference presentation; and any other information as may be required and/or requested.
  • Selection: The selection of successful recipients of this award shall be made in consultation with the Annual Conference Committee, based on merit, taking into consideration the following criteria: overall academic achievement; quality of proposed conference presentation; and relevance of proposed conference presentation to the Annual Conference.
  • Disbursement: This award shall be applied towards reimbursement of recipients’ travel, accommodation and conference registration expenses incurred in attending, and participating in the Institute’s Annual Conference (up to the amount prescribed) and shall be disbursed by the Institute following appropriate documented claim by the recipient. Successful award recipients will be registered to attend the Annual Conference & booked appropriate accommodations by PIBC directly. For other potentially reimbursable expenses, award recipients should be sure to keep all receipts and documentation from their expenses when attending the Annual Conference to ensure the claim can be made upon their return.

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