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All professional members of PIBC in British Columbia & Yukon (including all active Certified members or RPPs, practicing Fellows and Candidate members) are required, as stipulated in PIBC’s bylaws, to undertake and report 18 learning units of continuous professional learning (CPL) activities each reporting period (each calendar year) as follows: 

•    A total minimum of 18.0 learning units of CPL activities
•    A minimum of 9.0 Organized & Structured Learning Units of CPL activities
•    A maximum of up to 9.0 Independent & Self-Directed learning units of CPL activities.

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Reporting CPL Activities & Learning Units

To obtain learning unit (LU) credit for professional learning activities and meet the requirements of the CPL system, members must login online and self-report their activity details and applicable LUs to PIBC each calendar year. Members are strongly encouraged to report their CPL activities and LUs throughout the year as each activity is completed to ensure timely, accurate reporting and to avoid any reporting backlog at the end of each year. 

Key information members will need to have before going online to report and submit their completed CPL activities and LUs include:

  • The type of each learning activity (organized & structured, or independent & self-directed), and
  • The learning activity provider (the individual or organization who put on each activity or event), and
  • The title or very short description of each learning activity, and
  • The date of each learning activity (month, day, and year), and
  • The number of applicable Learning Units (LUs) for the activity based on the calculation method(s) & guidelines outlined in the PIBC CPL System Guide.

When going online to report their CPL activities and LUs, members should login through the PIBC website. Members can log in using their PIBC username (e-mail address on file) and password, and then click "Record/View CPL Activities" under "My Profile" to report and submit their CPL activities and corresponding learning units or view their current summary of CPL activities online. 

Members should use one entry for each event or activity. Conference sessions should be reported individually. For any event or activity that was longer than one day, simply enter the date the activity was completed (i.e. the last day of the event) as the activity date. Members can also mention the multi-day duration of the event or activity as part of the title or short description. Members should be sure to report the cumulative total LUs for the entire event or activity as part of the submission.

CPL Information & Links

For complete and detailed information on the CPL program be sure to click, download and carefully review the PIBC CPL System Guide. Members who encounter CPL reporting challenges can email Member Services Coordinator Kelly Chan at kelly.chan@pibc.bc.ca.

CPL Reporting Info
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CPL Reporting Info
CPL Reporting Info

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