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Undertaking a university planning degree program – with its critical education and professional academic experience  – is the most valuable first step towards building a career as a professional planner.

Recognized University Planning Programs in BC & Yukon

The Professional Standards Board (PSB), under its shared services agreements with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP), PIBC, and its affiliated planning Institutes (Affiliates) manages the process of accrediting university planning degree programs. This process certifies that such programs meet the minimum standards for a university-level professional planning education established by the planning profession in Canada.

Recognized university planning programs are the preferred route to professional membership, and ultimately a career in planning. Those considering a professional career in planning are strongly encouraged to seek a degree from a recognized university planning program. In addition, only students enrolled in recognized university programs are eligible for Student Membership. Please find all current accredited Planning Degrees in Canada on the Professional Standards Board (PSB) website by clicking here.


The following university planning programs in British Columbia and the Yukon are currently recognized by the PSB, CIP and PIBC.

  • University of British Columbia (School of Community & Regional Planning - SCARP)

    Programs: Master of Community & Regional Planning


  • University of Northern British Columbia (School of Planning and Sustainability - SPS)

    Programs: Bachelor of Planning


  • Simon Fraser University (School of Resource & Environmental Management - REM)

    Programs: Master of Resource & Environmental Management (Planning)


  • Simon Fraser University’s Bachelor of Environment (Planning) was granted preliminary accreditation by the PSB Board of Directors in July 2020. Provided the University files acceptable annual reports with PSB and undergoes a successful site visit resulting in accreditation, all those who have graduated from the program during the years of accreditation will be considered to hold an accredited degree and will be eligible for entry to PSB’s process through the Accredited Degree route. Our congratulations to the University, Dr. Tom Gunton, head of the program, and the program’s faculty on achieving this important step! (SFU Bachelor of Environment - GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTAL SYSTEMS: Non-Accredited)
  • Vancouver Island University (Faculty of Social Sciences - MCP)

    Programs: Master of Community Planning


Other Recognized University Planning Programs

Nationally through the PSB, additional university planning programs offered at schools across Canada are also recognized as well as reciprocally in the United States and Australia.

For information about recognized university planning programs across Canada, please consult with the Professional Standards Board (PSB) by clicking here.

For information about recognized university planning programs in the United States, please consult with the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB) by clicking here.

For information about recognized university planning programs in Australia, please consult with the Planning Institute of Australia (PIA) by clicking here.


For questions about individual schools or programs, please contact the individual schools and programs directly.

Please note: PIBC does not provide advice or recommendations to prospective students when considering which recognized program to apply to.

Planning Schools & Programs
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Planning Schools & Programs
Planning Schools & Programs

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