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Welcome & Introduction from PIBC's Communications Committee
Podcasts have become a popular, engaging, and effective way to learn about a wide variety of topics, including timely and topical planning issues. With a growing number of podcasts available from many experts and organizations, the PIBC Communications Committee set out to bring PIBC members access to fresh perspectives through this new way of learning.

Curated and reviewed by the PIBC Communications Committee, the selected podcasts explore a variety of planning issues including climate change, housing, community engagement, and more. Podcasts summaries are featured in each issue of Planning West magazine (starting with the Spring 2023 issue) and shared online here. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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*Please note: Podcast content and opinions are solely those of the podcast creators. PIBC does not endorse external third party content shared for general information, and does not necessarily endorse or share any of the information, views, or opinions expressed on any external podcast(s). Podcast links and content may change without notice, and PIBC is not responsible for such changes to external podcasts.


List of Planning Podcasts

Podcast Link (run time 9:34)

From The Water Insider podcast series by DHI Group (Danish Hydraulic Institute)
Host: Jan (Honza) Krejcik, Urban Water Professional at DHI
Guest: Jan Jerzy Kwiatkowski, Senior Water Specialist at The World Bank

Podcast Summary: Cities around the world are growing rapidly. In this episode, water experts try to give an answer to two pressing questions: - How do we ensure a more sustainable use of urban water in the context of accelerated urbanization? - Could an integrated management of water systems be a solution?

Why Planners Should Listen: DHI has developed five short podcasts (10 - 20 minutes each) about urban water management. While it used to be “humans versus environment,” with the water taking a backseat, we are now planning for “humans in the environment.” Of interest to planners, sustainability professionals, and urban water stakeholders, this 10-minute podcast discusses the changing paradigm of what urban water management can include.

Podcast summary submitted by Lindsay Allman RPP, MCIP, PIBC Communications Committee Member (Planning West, Spring 2023)

Podcast Link (run time 34:29)

From the Porcupine Podcast series by Porcupine Media
Hosts: Merrell-Ann Phare and Michael Miltenberger
Guests: Eric-Lorne Blais, Kerry-Ann Charles, and Natasha Overduin

Podcast Summary: This special episode features water experts Eric-Lorne Blais, Kerry-Ann Charles, and Natasha Overduin as they answer difficult water and reconciliation questions in front of a live audience at the Canadian Water Resources Association 2019 Conference.

Why Planners Should Listen: Porcupine asks important – and sometimes prickly – questions about reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. Here’s the old joke: how do two porcupines hug? Carefully. And such is the story of reconciliation – at least so far. This podcast episode discusses reconciliation and how it relates to water. Water is a commonality among all people and, to fix water issues, we have to be able to work together. A key lesson: “We need to stop thinking about our environment as commodity and start thinking about it as community – as it once was.” This podcast would be of interest to anyone who wants to learn more about our relationship with water, Indigenous perspectives of caring for our land, and planners who are working on developments or policy decisions where water is involved.

Podcast summary submitted by Lindsay Allman RPP, MCIP, PIBC Communications Committee Member (Planning West, Spring 2023)


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