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Mentorship is a two-way process that can be rewarding and beneficial for both new planners working to become certified Registered Professional Planners (RPPs) as well as experienced planning professionals. For Candidate members, it is a required part of the Professional Standards Board's (PSB) Roadmap to Certification. For current RPPs, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling contribution to the profession to become valued advisors that help guide Candidate members working towards certification.

PSB Resources for Mentees & Mentors

Learning to reach out, connect and build a relationship with a mentor is an important part of a Candidate’s certification and professional development process. This is why, according to the Professional Standards Board guidelines, it is a Candidate member’s responsibility to identify, initiate and develop the required Mentor relationship at the time of admission application. In exceptional circumstances, if a Candidate member is unable to successfully identify and secure a Mentor, PIBC can provide assistance. The PSB provides a helpful overview to help Candidate members with the mentorship process as well as a Mentorship guide for both mentees and mentors:

Mentorship for Candidate members

PSB Mentorship Guide for both Candidate Members and Mentors (PDF)


If you are interested in becoming a mentor but unsure about time commitments and other requirements, you can find out more at:

PSB Volunteer page – Role of Mentor

PSB Orientation for Mentors (PDF)

Other Mentorship Resources


*Please note: the information provide are optional ideas and tools on mentorship. PIBC and PSB do not endorse these resources or organizations.

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