Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Reporting Deadline for 2019 CPL activities will be: December 31, 2019.

PIBC Joint Members (PIBC as second or third affiliation): Please report your CPL activities to your Main affiliation and PIBC will check with them, that your CPL reporting is done to keep your eligibility as PIBC Joint Member.


The PIBC Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) System is designed to be user-friendly and flexible for Members, while accomplishing the collective goal of the Institute and its membership – to maintain the highest professional standards and latest knowledge, understanding, skills and abilities relevant to the theory, methods, and practice of planning. A key component of the CPL System and its flexibility is easy online reporting of CPL activities by members.


The Planning Institute of British Columbia has developed an online system for the reporting and storage of members’ CPL activity details through PIBC's online database. For all completed learning activities, members use their PIBC username and password to login, and then use the online CPL reporting form to submit and report their CPL activities and corresponding Learning Units. Members can also view their current summary of CPL activities online.

  • For detailed policy information and guidelines on the PIBC CPL System, please download the complete System Guide.
  • To link to the online CPL reporting form click here. You will be required to enter your PIBC-CIP Member login information.
  • For step-by-step instructions on how to report your CPL activities online click here.


Members are reminded that if you have submitted your CPL activities online through the online CPL Reporting Form, you do not need to submit anything additional to PIBC. Members are also reminded that, in addition to required annual online reporting, they are responsible for maintaining their own back-up documentation and records supporting their professional development activities. PIBC strongly suggests that Members keep their records for the current year plus the immediate previous year.  Any PIBC CPL check or review will be done no later than the year following any self-reporting of a Member’s professional development activities.


2019 CPL Requirements:

Members required to report CPL activities are reminded that the minimum requirements for the current reporting period are as follows: 

  • Minimum Organized & Structured Learning Units: 9.0
  • Max. Independent & Self-directed Learning Units: 9.0
  • TOTAL Minimum Required Learning Units: 18.


Carrying Forward Learning Units from 2018:

Members may carry forward (from the 2018 reporting period) up to a maximum of 9.0 surplus Organized & Structured Learning Units to meet their minimum requirements for the current (2019) reporting period. Please be advised that members do not have to report carried-forward Learning Units. If you have available surplus Organized & Structured Learning Units from 2018, and are deficient in reported Organized & Structured Learning Units for 2019, the surplus 2018 Learning Units will be carried forward and applied automatically. You are only allowed to carry forward units into the next year and not further beyond.

Since you only can carry forward a maximum of 9.0 organized & structured units into the next year, it does not make sense to report more than 27 organized & structured CPL units.


To report PIBC CPL activities: 

You will find CPL under ALL ABOUT ME in the left green column in your Online Member Profile. If you won’t find your events under CIP, Home Affiliation (PIBC) or other Affiliation events, you will need to enter your info manually.
Manual entries:
Please use one entry for an event, which is longer than a day and enter the date as the first day of the event and mention the timeframe of the whole event in the description as well as the host & where the event took place. The units can just be counted together.
CPL reporting Audit:
Please add all needed info for manually entered events into the description line (since the provider line only works for the dropdown box events): who or which company hosted the event, the title of the event, the time frame, when longer than one day, where etc. We will need this info for a possible CPL reporting audit to follow up and get proof, that you attended the reported events.
Everything what would educate you in your planning career can be considered as PIBC CPL Activity. Third-party events, additional to PIBC, CIP or the other Canadian affiliations, would count as well.
The number of learning units will ultimately depend on the exact schedule for and duration of the event. It’s one CPL Learning Unit for every 1.0 hour of session, rounded to the nearest 0.25 hour / unit.  So if it ends up being two 4.0 hour sessions, for example, it will be 8.0 hours and 8.0 organized & structured CPL Learning Units. Breaks like Breakfast, Lunch etc. won't count. 
Hosted events are organized and structured CPL units. Volunteering, self-guided walking tours or reading Planning West count as self-directed CPL units.
There is a calendar date function in the Activity Date field (calendar comes up, when you are in this field). If you don't use the calendar date format, the entry won't be saved and is causing issues.
If an event (Committee Meetings for example) runs during the whole year please use December 31 of the reporting year as date and mention in the subject line the specific time frame (months) or just "misc. meetings during 2019" etc.

Technical issues:
Please contact us via office@pibc.bc.ca at your earliest convenience, in case you are having technical difficulties to report, since we don't accept this reason for late reporting. You will be able to send us your info (who or which company hosted the event, the title of the event, when or the time frame, when longer than one day, where etc.) as an Excelsheet or Word document via email, if needed. 

Are There Any Exemptions?

In accordance with the bylaws of the Institute, members are required to undertake and report the minimum Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) required. There are, however, a few exemptions for some members in particular individual circumstances. Members are exempt from mandatory CPL reporting for 2019 if:

  • They became a newly Certified Member or were reinstated to Certified Membership after January 1st, 2019, or
  • They were formally 'On Leave' from active membership with the Institute for a portion of the year after January 1st, 2019, or
  • They were a Certified member that transferred in to PIBC from another Institute after January 1st, 2019, or
  • They have been granted a waiver for the current year by PIBC due to special, extenuating individual circumstances (such waivers must be requested in writing, in advance, with supporting information).


Using the Online PIBC Member Profile:

Preferred Internet browsers to use our database:

Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox.

(PIBC Login: https://ams.pibc.bc.ca/)


In case you are experiencing technical problems:

Sometimes there are technical glitches with our online database and the system is getting stuck and won't allow you to finish your process properly. Please close the current browser window and open a new one or open another Internet browser. Cleaning the browser history could also help to solve the issue.


If you need a new temporary password for the login, please follow this link: https://ams.pibc.bc.ca/Login/ForgotPassword.



If you have questions or require assistance with the online reporting system, please contact PIBC.