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Planning Student - Front Counter BC

Employer/Organization: Hydromaxx

Closing: July 6th 2024 4:30 PM PST


Planning for Crown Land Tenure Application with Front Counter BC

Re: Student Planning Position 

We are seeking a student to work with our company towards successfully completing the documents required for our Crown Land Tenure application with Front Counter BC. The student should keep in mind that follow up correspondence and planning for this project will more than likely be required over the long-term application submission and project completion.

The student should possess as working knowledge of the province of BC processes for granting Crown Land Tenures and have the ability to manage and create documents for the application. The student should also have a good working knowledge of BC Government Ministries and First Nations communities that need to be consulted during the application process.

Stage 1 requires the following:

A General Location Map 

The General Location Map must be at a scale of 1:50,000 to 1:250,000 and must show the locations of all extensive use areas on one map. 

Management Plan

A management plan outlines the information on the development phases of a project/land use.                             

Site Plan and Site Photographs

A plan of the entire application area, drawn to scale with a north arrow, identifying the location of all improvements (buildings, structures, roads, power lines, fences, etc.) in relation to the boundaries of the tenure area and other legal boundaries. 


Please contact Director of Operations for more information

Keith White 604-230-5633                    

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