URBC 2020: Dialogue Session: Low Carbon, Resilient Buildings
Geological Survey of Canada
September 22nd 2020
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM PST
CPL Units: 1.5

Dialogue Session: Low Carbon, Resilient Buildings

September 22, 1-2:30 pm

With Dale Mikkelsen (SFU-Community Trust), Carlos Molina Hutt (UBC & EERI BC), Ilana Judah, (UBC), Tamsin Lyle (Ebbwater), Matt Strand (QUADReal), Moderated by George Benson (Vancouver Economic Commission, Sector Lead- Built Environment) 

  • This panel will explore the ins and outs of enhancing low-carbon resilience in both new and existing buildings in BC, including lessons learned from; implementing the Living Building/Living Community Challenges at SFU, seismic retrofitting projects in San Francisco, a developer’s perspective on incorporating a business process for integrating climate change risk into global investment decisions, and a variety of perspectives regarding how we fund/finance the transformative investments needed.


Understanding Risk (UR) BC 2020 (www.urbc.ca) is an online, collaborative symposium and event series that will foster place-based risk reduction strategies to proactively enhance resilience and improve disaster recovery pathways in BC.

URBC 2020 will feature online events from summer to fall- 2020:

  • Summer Webinars: Hear from local and international experts on the holistic understanding of disaster impacts
  • Pre-symposium Workshops: Interactive sessions to learn and contribute to understanding risk in BC
  • Launch Events: September and November sessions that merge art, knowledge, practice and policy to share key updates, and offer a sneak-peek at upcoming themes and sessions.
  • Initiatives-in-focus Workshops: Step into the shoes of leading practitioners and policy makers in BC to wrestle with emerging issues that aim to reduce disaster risk and build resilience
  • Dialogue Panels: Tune into exciting conversations that examine key tensions, challenges and opportunities to improve disaster recovery pathways in BC   
  • Closing: Connect, reflect, celebrate and initiate next steps

Event Objectives

  • Reporting on progress of actionable strategies and outcomes from previous and ongoing UR Symposiums as well as related DRR/CCA efforts
  • Demonstrate components of the BC Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Hub, identify opportunities for its short-term priorities and advance its long term financial and governance model
  • Advance essential and non-traditional partnerships across the science-policy-action interface to reduce risk and build resilience
  • Make connections across projects and initiatives towards enhanced collaboration and reduced duplication
  • Support advancement and implementation of existing recommendations and commitments that have been made in BC and Canada in relation to climate and disaster risk management by fostering generative dialogue across disciplines and cultures

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