Joint PIBC / ULI BC Webinar - Building Towards Tomorrow: How New Legislation Will Impact Housing
April 10th 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST
CPL Units: 1

Presented In Partnership By the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) & Urban Land Institute of British Columbia Women’s Leadership Initiative (ULI BC WLI).

In recent months, British Columbia has seen some of the most impactful and sweeping changes to housing-related legislation in its history. With our population spiking due to immigration and housing scarcity at the forefront of everyone’s minds, provincial and federal policymakers are scrambling to update policies that will unlock desperately needed housing supply. 

But how will these changes actually impact the housing sector in 2024 and beyond? Realistically, what impacts—positive and negative alike—can we expect to see as a result of these updates?

In this presentation, some of British Columbia’s top experts in residential development, urban planning, and financial analytics will present their forecasts regarding the impacts of new legislation. You’ll learn: 

  • What’s changing in housing sector policy, and how shifting legislation is impacting the conversation around new housing development. 

  • How new legislation will impact housing supply throughout Canada—and in British Columbia specifically. 

  • How legislative changes will impact municipal staff in smaller communities. 

  • The unexpected challenges local governments will have to tackle as they implement new procedures and processes as dictated by new legislation. 

  • The realities of the economics of delivering new housing in our current high-interest rate environment.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and share your thoughts with panelists Tegan Smith (Principal at Channel Consulting), Anne Berry (Director of Planning & Development Services at City of White Rock), and Diane Lam (Real Estate Consultant). 


Our Speakers

Anne Berry (she/her), MCIP RPP
Director, Planning & Development Services, City of White Rock
Anne brings to the table a rich blend of personal commitment and professional expertise in her role as a registered professional planner. With 19 years of experience spanning various capacities in local government, she has a passion for cultivating healthy, vibrant communities. Anne leverages her personal insights as a mother to two boys to advocate for accessible housing, transportation, and services essential for future generations. As the current director of Planning & Development Services for White Rock, Anne has been at the forefront of interpreting and implementing the new housing legislation, especially in the context of small local governments. Within the setting of a small local government, her presentation will delve into her experience adapting to the new housing legislation, guided by her understanding of both the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Diana Lam 
Diana Lam is a seasoned real estate consultant specializing in acquisitions, debt/equity structuring, and in-depth financial underwriting and analysis. With a wealth of experience spanning all real estate asset classes, Diana has successfully executed diverse projects, including land development, value-add initiatives and management of income-producing properties. Diana holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from Queen's University. In 2021, she was honoured as the industry’s Rising Star by CREW Vancouver.

Tegan Smith
Principal, Channel Consulting
Tegan Smith is Principal of Channel Consulting and founder of Uplift Fund. She is a respected leader in Canadian real estate, Development Consultant, Development Approvals Process expert and winner of the Urban Land Institute of British Columbia’s 2022 Outstanding Leader Award.  ​With more than 25 years of urban planning, land development, and transit-oriented development experience, she is known for direct discussions, being adaptive and brokering solutions to effectively manage risks, costs, and timelines for development approvals.




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