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Becoming a Public Subscriber with PIBC is an excellent opportunity for individuals with a general interest in planning who are not directly involved in planning and not eligible for any other category of membership to get connected with the profession, the Institute, and receive some of the Institute's services.

This includes students enrolled in any university programs which are not formally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) & PIBC. Individuals directly involved in planning are not eligible to become Public Subscribers and should seek another appropriate membership category.


PIBC Membership / Subscription Eligibility:

If you have no employment in Planning:

1) Public Subscriber: (application via PIBC at

Non-accredited (Non-)Planning University Degree, no Employment in Planning


If you have employment in Planning:

2) Pre-Candidate Membership: (application via PIBC at

Non-accredited (Non-)Planning University Degree, Employment in Planning & less than 5 years of responsible professional planning experience


3) Candidate Membership: (PLAR-Route application via the Professional Standards Board at

Non-accredited (Non-)Planning University Degree, Employment in Planning & a minimum of 5 years of responsible professional planning experience

The PSB is dealing with the Planning Certification Process Canada wide & would copy us (PIBC - Membership affiliation for BC & Yukon) on your Candidate Membership eligibility email, which you will get, when they receive & confirm the eligibility of your application and we would follow up with you then. 

You always will need to be a current Candidate Member of the affiliation in the Province you are living and/or working in, while you are going through the process with the PSB. In case you would move to another Province you always would be able to be transferred into the affiliation of the other province & the PSB would be informed of the Membership Transfer, but the Certification Process itself would stay the same.


Click below to apply to become a Public Subscriber:

Application for Public Subscriber [PDF]
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Become a Public Subscriber
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Become a Public Subscriber

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