PIBC Update to Members Regarding CIP Announcement

Posting Date: 
June 29, 2015 - August 28, 2015

Additional Update from CIP - July 8, 2015:

CIP has provided a page on its website - CIP Reboots - to provide members with additional background information, and explanations, including key questions and answers about current governance issues and next steps. Click to visit the CIP Reboots webpage.

PIBC Update - June 29, 2015:

From PIBC Executive Director, Dave Crossley:

Many PIBC members are aware that CIP Council recently issued a notice to the membership regarding a potential wind-down of CIP. This announcement was very much a surprise to PIBC.

We understand this announcement arose from concerns by CIP Council regarding ongoing challenges to restructure CIP’s governance elements and the short timelines associated with the work required (due to Canada’s new Not for Profit Corporation Act), as well as concerns regarding CIP’s organizational and financial uncertainty due to an inability to successfully agree on membership fee collection procedures with some affiliate Institutes in the interim.

However, at the CIP AGM in Saskatoon, the membership assembled and CIP Council had a thorough, extensive and frank dialogue on these challenging matters, resulting in potentially positive courses of action going forward.

We expect CIP will be undertaking further communication, consultation and discussion with its membership before any final decisions are made.  We understand too that no substantial change to CIP can be undertaken without a vote by CIP’s national membership.

Importantly, PIBC members should be assured that, regardless of any changes to CIP nationally, PIBC’s operations, programs and services on behalf of PIBC members will continue.  Further PIBC members’ access to their benefits, services and activities - including professional certification as a “Registered Professional Planner” or “RPP”, PIBC publications, events, professional learning, and more – will remain unchanged.

PIBC will continue to work on behalf of its members to find out where CIP’s current challenges may lead, and what they may mean for PIBC’s membership   PIBC Council and staff will work to keep members informed.

News & Media Contact:
Dave Crossley
Executive Director
ph: 604.696.5031
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