PIBC Climate Action Task Force - Climate: A Call To Action

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February 28, 2017 - May 1, 2017

Climate change is occurring, including due to greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fossil fuel to heat buildings, fuel transportation, as a by-product of waste and land uses such as agriculture. Planning plays a key role in both its reduction and in the introduction of adaptation measures to address climate impacts already underway.

While climate change has been around as an issue for many years and most planners are aware of it, many struggle to put solutions into action in their work for a variety of reasons.

In July 2016, PIBC Council established the PIBC Climate Action Task Force. The Task Force's role was to help champion action on climate policy, help members understand how to take climate change into account in their planning activities, and collaborate with and advocate for progressive policy solutions by senior levels of government.

The Task Force undertook research and consultation with PIBC members on issues of climate and climate change, as they relate to policy and the work of planners. In addition to exploring best-practices and facilitating member education and awareness through articles and learning opportunities, the Task Force also developed a "Call to Action", which was subsequently endorsed by PIBC Council.

The recommendations contained in the "Call to Action" reflect the input of professional planners across British Columbia and the Yukon and seek to build on the countless collective and individual efforts so many people, in their work and everyday lives, are taking to address climate change now. The "Call to Action" is also being actively shared with government and public officials, political leaders, and allied professional colleagues.

Climate Action Task Force Members:

  • Suzanne Smith MCIP, RPP (Co-Chair)
  • Iain Bourhill MCIP, RPP (Co-Chair)
  • George Benson (Student Member)
  • Coralie Breen (Candidate Member)
  • Christine Calihoo MCIP, RPP
  • Ryan Hennessey MCIP, RPP
  • Darwin Horning MCIP, RPP
  • John Ingram MCIP, RPP
  • Sarah Muir-Owen MCIP, RPP
  • Peter Russell MCIP, RPP
  • Bruce Simard MCIP, RPP


Please contact Task Force Co-Chair, Suzanne Smith MCIP, RPP, at: ssmith@cnv.org

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