Call for PIBC Member Volunteers - Thank You!

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October 5, 2017 - November 5, 2017


Thank you to everyone who responded to the call for volunteers! PIBC has a number of volunteer roles for members on various Institute committees for the new term (2017-2019) and in other volunteer roles - including for the role of Editor of Planning West magazine. This is a great opportunity for members to get involved and contribute to the work of the Institute, collaborate with colleagues, and bring your skills and experience to the table.  In addition, as always, members can earn and report Continuous Professional Learning (CPL)  units for volunteering.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a volunteer expression of interest this fall - we have now filled a number of the available roles, but a few opportunities may still be open. Any member still interested in potential remaining volutneer opportunities shoudl contact the PIBC office. Thank you!

In addition to ongoing committees, PIBC recently updated several of its committees, including adding some new committees, to better align committee roles with the strategic priorities and goals of the Institute. We are looking for a number of members to join the new and continuing committees. Below is a list of the committees with opportunities available, and a brief description of their roles:

Governance & Nominating Committee:  Responsible for overseeing internal governance and related policies, other governance matters, and the nominations process for elections to the Board of Directors, and other key positions as may be required.

Professional Conduct Review Committee:  Responsible for administering and upholding the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, including investigating & adjudicating complaints of alleged misconduct against members, and assisting with education and training on ethics & professionalism for members.

Policy & Public Affairs Committee:  Responsible for relevant planning issues policy and related advocacy work, as well as government relations, public policy and legislative matters.

Professional Standards & Certification Committee:  Responsible for membership admission and certification standards, and standards for university program accreditation, as well as for ensuring member compliance with membership requirements, including Continuous Professional Learning reporting and monitoring.

Member Engagement Committee:  Responsible for membership programs and services, internal member outreach and engagement, membership recruitment and retention activities, and liaison with student and academic members. (This committee also has two permanent subcommittees - the Student Liaison Sub-Committee, and the Academic Liaison Sub-Committee).

Communications Committee:  Responsible for overseeing and helping direct the Institute’s internal and external communications activities, including the website, e-News, social media, and Planning West magazine.

Continuous Professional Learning Committee: Responsible for the Institute’s continuous professional learning program and activities - including the development and delivery of professional learning content, activities, and events for members.

Awards & Recognition Committee:  Responsible for overseeing and administering the Institute’s awards and recognition programs, including the Awards for Excellence in Planning and Awards for Individual Achievement, as well as the identification and recognition of Honourary and Life Members of the Institute

What’s Involved?  The workload involved for each committee will vary, but typically involves at least one to two in-person meetings per year, as well as two to four teleconference meetings as well. Additional individual work on specific committee projects, tasks and initiatives will also be required from time to time, in addition to regular meetings.

Interested or have questions?  See the contact details below to contact us, or submit an expression of interest.



The Editor is a volunteer member position responsible for working with the Institute’s staff, members and contributors - under the guidance of the Communications Committee and in collaboration with the Institute’s Communications & Marketing Specialist - to solicit, coordinate, curate, and review content (articles, news pieces, and other features) for each issue of Planning West magazine (published four times per year, every Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). This role includes occasional writing of features and content for Planning West, as well as liaison work with contributors, Institute staff, and the production team (graphic design & layout).

What’s Involved?  The workload involved will vary, but typically involves outreach and curation work with contributors & potential contributors leading up to each issue, with a more intense period of work in the few weeks leading up to publication of each issue. The Editor is also automatically a member of the Institute’s Communications Committee, for the purposes of liaison with the Committee regarding Planning West.  This position includes a modest annual honorarium.

Please Note: We are looking for a member to be selected for this position to work with the outgoing Editor on the upcoming Winter 2017-2018 issue of the magazine, before taking over the role exclusively following the Winter Edition.

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Thank you again to everyone who submitted a volunteer expression of interest this fall - we have now filled a number of the available roles, but a few opportunities may still be open. Any member still interested in potential remaining volutneer opportunities shoudl contact the PIBC office:

Ryan Noakes
Manager of Member Programs & Services
E:  T: 604.696.5031  / 1.866.696.5031

News & Media Contact:
Dave Crossley
Executive Director
ph: 604.696.5031