Vancouver Heritage Foundation

The Ever Changing House: A History of Adaptability - Pre-Tour Lecture with John Atkin
May 27, 2019 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
2305 W 7th Ave

Many important historic buildings and treasured older homes are part of our city and neighbourhoods today because they have been adaptable to changing needs, lifestyles and function. The 2019 Heritage House Tour will feature a range of houses that have seen adaptations historically or recently – to provide more housing, for use as a school, to meet changing lifestyles or modern energy efficiency requirements. Historian John Atkin will explore the many ways older homes have been adapted through the decades in Vancouver and why this came about – from societal changes and economic shifts to policies that enabled it. With benefits that include maintaining heritage character, distinctive neighbourhoods and community connections as well as making smart use of existing buildings and resources, it is timely to consider the history of adaptability in Vancouver’s homes. Price: $16, or $10 for students, current VHF volunteers, and 2019 Heritage House Tour ticket holders.


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