Vancouver Heritage Foundation

Evening Lectures at Hycroft - Various Dates & Locations
February 21, 2017 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm
University Women’s Club at Hycroft
1489 McRae Ave
British Columbia

Stanley Park Sites and Stories: Then and Now - Feb 21
Landscape Architect and Author, Adrienne Brown, will explore the cultural impacts that have shaped an area inhabited for centuries that is today called Stanley Park. Brown will look at the places and objects that have come and gone, developments which were envisioned but never built, and describe the history of some of the cherished structures and spaces which remain in the park today. 

Rum-runners and Border Wars: Booze in BC - Mar 28
We all know about jazz era gangsters like Al Capone and the prohibition era in the United States, but Vancouver had its own flirtations with prohibition. Daniel Francis, Historian and Author of Closing Time: Prohibition, Rum-runners and Border Wars, will explore how local law enforcement efforts to dry-up the city utterly failed, and immense fortunes were made by entrepreneurs willing to answer the demand for illegal booze.

Ten Myths About Vancouver: The Real Stories - Apr 25
Was there ever any blood in Blood Alley? There are many aspects of Vancouver’s history that are taken for granted, but are they true? Did it happen or was it made up? In this talk Historian and Author, John Atkin will look at the origins of some of the well-worn myths in our city’s history.