Urban Systems

On Point: A Series of Upside Down Town Halls
October 3, 2016 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Laurel Packing House
1304 Ellis Street
British Columbia

Why sit around complaining about community when we can be building it together? Because, really, that isn’t On Point… A Series of Upside Down Town Halls. Upside Down? Think date night meets community visioning. Interesting stories. Great conversation. Live music and poetry. Local food and drinks.

Join us on October 3 @ 7pm for this free event to learn more about affordability in the Okanagan. Is your family struggling to find housing in this city? Do you have ideas you’d for how to make things better? Or, are you wondering what all this affordability fuss is all about? Join us!

YIMBY or Yes in my backyard!… is about determining what we can say yes to in an inclusive way. Let’s figure out the conditions we need to embrace change and say YES. To help us, we’re hosting interesting folks to help us better understand:

  • What does affordable housing really mean, anyway?
  • How does having appropriate housing help or hurt our business community?
  • Can we call ourselves a progressive city if we can’t find a way to house everyone?

 Join us to build our community. Together, we can say YES!

For complete event info, visit http://www.urbansystems.ca/finding-our-yimby-reflections-on-affordability-housing-and-the-way-forward-october-3/