Urban Development Institute

UDI Seminar: Mandatory New Building Requirements
October 18, 2016 - 7:30am - 9:30am
Oceanview Suites, Pan Pacific Hotel
999 Canada Place

This is an important session about the future building requirements in the City of Vancouver and other municipalities.

Next month, city staff will bringing forward a report with recommendations to change Vancouver's Green Rezoning Policy and the Vancouver Building Bylaw to establish mandates in new buildings for:

Green house gas emissions
Energy performance
Water efficiency

The Province is also moving forward with energy efficiency improvements for new buildings. They will implement an "Energy Step Code" (Stretch Code) to allow municipalities to mandate energy efficiency requirements above and beyond the building code. 

Both the Province and the City of Vancouver are seeking changes through their respective building codes to ensure that all new construction is built to near-zero standards in the next 10-15 years - this impacts all UDI members, stakeholders, and local government.

Our discussion will be moderated by Jonathan Meads, Development Manager of Concert Properties featuring:

Sean Pander, Green Building Program Manager, City of Vancouver
Jarrett Hutchinson,  Acting Executive Director, Building and Safety Standards Branch of the Province of B.C.
Tim Lesiuk, Executive Director and Chief Negotiator, Climate Action Secretariat (CAS) of the Province of B.C