Community Development Webinar Series - What is 21st-Century Urbanism?
October 12, 2016 - 10:30am - 11:30am
1:30 PM EST
10:30 AM PST

Community Development Webinar Series:

What is 21st-Century Urbanism?


Urban design thinking has always evolved in response to social needs—gateways to welcome Sumerian gods to cities, grids to march Roman armies around fortified settlements (and centuries later to sell colonial real estate), and squares to enable Renaissance elites to gather.

Today’s urbanism focuses on opportunities such as creating walkable neighborhoods, mixing uses to expand lifestyle choices, and shaping animated places that help communities meet the needs and aspirations of our age.

David Dixon FAIA leads Stantec’s Urban Places Group. Using data and case studies, he’ll explain how cities and suburbs alike are using planning and urban design to tap rapidly evolving demographics, markets, and a changing economy to address contemporary issues like:

Building economic opportunity

Creating a sense of community in increasingly diverse communities

Promoting wellness

Improving environmental performance

Expanding equity

Please join us Wednesday, October 12th at 1:30 ET

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