Simon Fraser University

Next-Generation Cities and Transportation (online)
October 2, 2017 - 9:00am - 5:30pm
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This course provides a foundation in the principles and practices of next-generation transportation and its role in advancing liveable and sustainable cities of the future.

Our current transportation system will undergo significant change, responding to climate, energy, technology, and cultural and economic shifts. Next-generation transportation anticipates these changes and advances multi-modal solutions that balance mobility and accessibility for people and goods.

The aspiration of next-generation transportation is this: people accessing most of their daily needs within walking distance while maintaining the social and economic benefits of being tied to larger region. At the same time, the transportation system should ensure effective goods movement. Next-generation solutions look at least five years out, and so are innovative and yet applicable today.

Dates: October 2 – Dec 18, 2017

Instructors: Darren Davis, Gordon Price, Tamim Raad, Sandra James, Todd Litman, Jaime Boan, Prof. Anthony Perl, Peter Hall

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