Passive House Canada

Passive House Design and Construction Course Part A
February 9, 2017 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
Brittingham Room, Bedford Regency Hotel
1140 Government St

The Passive House Design and Construction Course is aimed at all current and aspiring building industry professionals who are motivated to learn how to build to the world’s most advanced and energy efficient construction standard.This foundation course is offered in three modules:Part A: Passive House PrinciplesPart B: Energy Modeling with PHPP Part C: Online Exam Prep Module (self-paced)Each module can be taken separately, or they can be taken together in a combination that meets your needs. If you intend to write the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant Exam we strongly recommend you take Parts A, B, and C. You may also choose to take the 2 day in-class Exam Prep Course if it is offered in your region. Part A (4 days in class): February 9, 10, 11, 12  Part A can be taken on its own and provides a comprehensive foundation in Passive House design and construction. These are the principles that need to be thoroughly understood in order to write the Certified Passive House Designer / Consultant exam. We also strongly recommend that if you intend to write the exam you take Part B as well, since the exam does cover aspects of PHPP and examinees are required to supply a valid PHPP registration number.Part A covers the technical, social, economic, and policy elements of the standard. Numerous case studies, both domestic and international, will demonstrate current best practice.Day 1: Passive House Principles, Insulation and AirtightnessDay 2: Thermal Bridging and WindowsDay 3: Mechanical SystemsDay 4: Economics, Design, Quality Assurance and CertificationIntended Audience: All building industry professionals, including city planners, policy makers, building officials, manufacturers, engineers, architects, designers, contractors, and builders. Part A can be taken as a standalone course even if you don’t intend to write the exam.For details and registration please visit: