NAIOP Vancouver

Innovations in Architecture and Design
June 23, 2016 - 7:30am - 9:30am
Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
900 Canada Place Way

Global growth – with attendant environmental impacts – and changing societal values are increasingly affecting the way we design and use buildings and communities.

In the 60's, the business environment was hierarchical, people smoked in their offices and the boomer generation was set to provide a seemingly endless supply of eager young workers. Urban populations were in balance with transportation infrastructure, and a burgeoning middle class fled dirty urban centers for the promise of a better life in the suburbs.

Today, all of that has changed!

To help give us a view into the future, NAIOP Vancouver is pleased to present two particularly progressive architects – Bill Dowser of BVN (based in Australia) and Martin Neilson of DIALOG – to present a sample of their projects that exemplify the leading edge thinking required to respond to the evolving influences of global growth and changing values. 

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