Langara College Applied Planning

First Nations and Municipal Planning: Working Together, Moving Forward
January 23, 2015 - 9:00am - 4:30pm
Langara College
100 W 49th Ave

Elisa Penn, Lawyer, BR Law

The relationship between local governments and First Nations is complicated by jurisdictional, economic and governance issues. Most municipalities in BC are neighbours to at least one First Nation, however the relationships vary from collaborative as with Sliammon and Powell River, to heavily contests as with Ktunaxa Nation Council and the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality.

There are opportunities for cooperation between the two governments; however, there is also the potential for conflict based on a lack of respect and understanding of each other’s responsibilities and jurisdiction.  Changes to legislation, policy and case law on the nature and scope of First Nation rights and obligations have brought greater uncertainly for all parties. First Nations and local governments are challenged more than ever to develop and maintain good working relationships. Both local governments and First Nations have a critical interest in improving their relationships with one another.

This course will provide important insight and clarification to the evolving relationship between First Nations and Municipalities. Registration is $100 and includes breakfast and lunch.  Please contact Langara College Continuing Studies 604 323-5322 and register in CRN 50960, CONF 1003.

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