Integral Strategy Network

Working Collaboratively to Respond to Complex Challenges (Vancouver)
April 5, 2016 - 9:30am - 4:00pm
Creekside Community Recreation Centre
1 Athletes Way

Developing plans and strategies is becoming more complex in all domains – including health, education, transportation, and the built environment. They must be cross-organizational, holistic and systemic, engage stakeholders in meaningful dialogue, and produce clarity of purpose with collective solutions to complex problems. This requires organizations to move from being reactive to adaptive. Conventional planning methodologies are either failing or struggling to cope with this complexity.

The Integral Strategy™ Methodology has been designed to deal with this new reality. Integral Strategy Roadmaps™ are helping communities take on complex challenges — from developing community approaches for diabetes prevention and management; getting kids walking and biking to school; enhancing regional food security; improving land-use practices; and designing a strategy for wellness… to creating a smart city, and more.

The workshop will be of particular interest to planners and strategists in health and wellness, community development, education, recreation, transportation, and the built environment.

Cost: $112 - $196

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