Hive & House Cohousing Consulting

Introduction to Cohousing
January 12, 2019 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (Room 3)
800 East Broadway

Have you heard the buzz about cohousing? If you're curious to learn more, either as a potential resident or a professional involved in real estate development, join Hive & House for this seminar on the basics of cohousing. 

In this session, we'll walk through a brief history of cohousing, what cohousing looks like in Canada, how cohousing supports social connections, and we'll touch on the legal and financial structures of cohousing. There will be lots of time for questions, and you'll have an opportunity to connect with others interested in exploring cohousing!

Cohousing was introduced to North America in the 1980s. There is currently one completed cohousing community in the City of Vancouver, with two more in development, and numerous others in the Lower Mainland. The recent Vancouver municipal election had several candidates talking about the benefits of cohousing as part of a more livable city.

Tickets are $10, which includes tea and a snack - the perfect accompaniment to learning about this collaborative form of housing.

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