Healthy Built Environment Alliance, and Heart and Stroke Foundation

Working Across Sectors to Engage the “Silent Majority” In Official Community Plans and Transportation Master Plans’ Implementation
May 14, 2014 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Community participation in land use and transportation planning processes at the neighboruhood and street levels tends to be limited, with a somewhat narrow segment of stakeholders who get involved. Many Planners struggle with engaging “the silent majority” of local residents in the planning process at a deeper and ongoing level.

Engaging a broad segment of the population is a key to making land use and transportation decisions that reflect and balance the needs of a diversity of community members, and to achieving the built-out of healthier and more sustainable communities.

This webinar presents case studies from pioneering projects in North Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby. Here, agencies from across sectors have made promising steps towards broadening public engagement in the planning process at the neighbourhood and street levels and in the implementation of OCPs and Transportation Master Plans.

The case studies presented will reveal both, what worked well and related promising practices, as well as what didn’t work and what were lessons learned. The potential roles of health NGOs and health authorities in helping to diversify and boost community engagement will be discussed.