BCIT School of Construction and the Environment

BCIT Community Energy Management Courses
January 11, 2017 - 9:00am - 5:00pm


The BCIT School of Construction and the Environment together with the Community Energy Association have developed the Community Energy Management program as a capacity building tool for any municipal worker in Canada.  The program is fully online and is made up of six courses that reflect the current challenges of municipalities in meeting GHG reduction targets.  Register now...the first class starts January 11th 2017: 


·         CESA 5110 - Introduction to Community Energy & Emissions Planning 


·          CESA 5210 - Community-Based Renewable Energy


·          CESA 5310 - Green Energy & Local Economic Development


·          CESA 5410 - Financing & Governance for Green Energy Systems


·          CESA 5510 - Reducing Energy Use in New & Existing Buildings 


·          CESA 5610 - Low Carbon Transportation


CPL units as noted on the above course descriptions.  You can find the course information here: http://commons.bcit.ca/energy/course-descriptions/community-energy-management/.