Written Exam & Membership Exam Course Resources

A Candidate member in good standing who is working to become a Certified member, or 'Registered Professional Planner' with the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute of Planners, and who does not hold a university degree in planning from a school/program which is formally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) & Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), is required to complete the Written Exam requirement for Certified membership (also know as Exam B).

Candidates are only eligible to complete the Written Exam requirement after they have successfully achieved the required minimum number of year’s of responsible planning work experience and had that experience reviewed and validated (in the form of a log book) by the Institute’s Membership Committee. Candidates are encouraged to contact the Institute and confirm their eligibility to write the Written Exam prior to submitting any formal application to write.

The Exam:

The Written Exam is a multi-part, multiple question, essay-style written exam which examines a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of broad planning theory, history, processes and concepts. Candidates draw on their own professional experience, and understanding of planning theory, history, processes and concepts to illustrate their written responses to the Exam questions – supplemented by references to key preparatory materials and resources as appropriate. The final complete written submission is substantial, but no more than 20 pages (typed) in length.

Written Exam Options:

There two options available to candidates who need to complete the Written Exam requirement. Click on the links below for more information and resources available for each option. (The content of the Written Exam itself is exactly the same, regardless of which option the candidate chooses to complete it):

Follow the links to in this section for more details on these options for completing the Written Exam requirement.

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