Self-Directed Take Home Exam

The Self-Directed Take Home option for the Written Exam (Exam B) involves an applicant drafting and submitting a full written response to the Exam questions, in essay form, under their own direction over a fixed period of time – one calendar week – after applying to write and receiving the Exam issued by the Institute.

Take Home option applicants are very strongly encouraged to first undertake self-directly preparatory study, such as reading suggested academic and professional readings, and other materials to prepare for the Exam itself. In addition, applicants are strongly encouraged to engage a Mentor or their sponsoring Certified Member for assistance and guidance while preparing for the Exam.

Take Home Exam Preparatory Resources:

If you are considering this option to complete the Written Exam requirement and would like to begin the preparatory process, you can begin by downloading the following consolidated preparatory reading list:

If you are interested in purchasing copies of available preparatory reading materials, or if you have prepared and are ready & eligible to write the Take Home Exam please contact PIBC.

Guidelines for Completion of the Self-Directed Take Home Exam:

The following points serve as guidelines for applicants preparing and completing the Self-Directed Take Home Written Exam.

  • The exam can be taken any time during the year.
  • Candidates are encouraged to consult with their Mentor or Sponsoring Certified Member during the preparation of their examination. It is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Certified Member to provide general guidance throughout the examination process. It is not the role of the Sponsor to review or assist in editing a draft or final Exam paper prior to submission.
  • Candidates will be assigned a completion date of one week from the date on which the examination materials are received by the candidate.
  • Candidates are limited to a maximum of 20 pages for the examination, typed and double-spaced.
  • Candidates must reference all quotations appropriately. The use of references should be within reasonable limits.
  • Candidates must provide a bibliography, noting publications cited or reviewed.
  • Candidates must submit original, plus 3 copies.
  • Candidates must submit certification of own work with the examination. Examinations will not be marked unless accompanied by this form. The sponsoring member must also sign this form.
  • The examination will be evaluated as a pass/fail by three examiners. At least two of the three examiners must give a pass grade.
  • Where cheating, plagiarism or other improprieties are suspected, the candidate will be contacted by the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will discuss the examination with the candidate.  Where the Membership Committee determines wrongful actions occurred, the examination will be considered void and the individual disqualified from the Institute's membership.
  • To assist in preparing for the examination, the materials included on the suggested reading list should be reviewed. An exam preparation manual is also available. For further information, contact PIBC.

Initiating the Self-Directed Take Home Exam:

If you are ready & eligible, to initiate the Take Home Exam, contact PIBC. The Take Home Exam fee is currently: $250 plus HST.

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