Retired Membership

Retired Membership & Reinstatement

Senior Certified members who are now retired and leaving active planning practice may apply to become a non-corporate Retired member. Retired members continue to enjoy many of the services and benefits of membership, at a substantially reduced fee rate.

Please Note: The same form below should also be used by current Retired members who return to planning practice, and need to reinstate their membership back to that of an active, practicing Certified member and 'Registered Professional Planner'.

Retired Membership Eligibility:
  • Must have attained age 55 (or older).
  • Must have a minimum of ten years professional experience as a Certified (formerly Full) member (or Fellow) of the Institute.
  • Must be a member in-good-standing at the time of application (i.e. paid all current membership fees, current on CPL requirements, no outstanding disciplinary matters, etc.).
  • Must be fully retired from planning practice.
  • Must agree to continue to abide by the Institute’s bylaws.

Important:  When applying to change your membership, be sure to indicate any and all changes to your contact information (e.g. email, mailing address, etc.) when submitting your form.

The following form should be used by eligible Certified members to apply for Retired membership (or for Retired members to reinstate their Certified membership status):