Profile of PIBC

The Planning Institute of British Columbia is comprised of nearly 1,600 members in all membership categories — of which about 1,300 are professional planning practitioners. Below is a summary of some membership profile information, based on the Institute’s Membership Survey conducted in 2007:

  • Gender: 53% Male, 47% Female, with age and experience statistics indicating an increasing female membership
  • Age: 32% are between 30 to 39 years of age, 26% between 40 to 49, and 27% between 50 to 59, while 3% are 60 years and above
  • Educational Achievement: About 2/3 hold a Master’s degree, 2% have a Doctoral degree, the remainder hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or other post-secondary credential
  • Geographic Location: 54% are from BC’s Lower Mainland region, 26% from Vancouver Island, 15% from BC’s Interior & Okanagan regions, the remainder elsewhere in BC & the Yukon or beyond
  • Employment Sector: 74% work in the public sector, 23% in the private sector, and 3% in the non-governmental sector
  • Employment Experience: 47% have between 6 to 20 years of professional planning experience, 39% have 16 years or more of experience, and 24% have 21 or more years of experience
  • Employment Situation: 83% are employed full-time on a salaried or hourly basis, while another 11% are consultants on employed on contract bases