PIBC Membership Guide

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PIBC admits new members in all categories throughout the year on a regular basis. Admissions of qualified individuals to membership are approved by the Institute's Board, which meets about five to six times each year. The process for applying for membership is different for different classes of membership. In some cases assessment of qualifications by the nationally-based Professional Standards Board for the planning profession in Canada (PSB) is required.

Corporate Membership

All corporate membership classes include equivalent joint membership with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). While most membership classes enjoy many of the same service benefits from the Institute, only corporate members are voting members and only Certified Members in good standing have the exclusive right and privilege to utilize the professional title 'Registered Professional Planner' and designation 'RPP' in British Columbia. They may also use the designation 'MCIP' to indicate their professional status nationally with CIP.

For detailed information on the eligibility requirements for Corporate Membership classes, please click on the appropriate link below:

Non-Corporate Membership

Non-Corporate membership classes do not include equivalent joint membership with CIP. For detailed information on the eligibility requirements for Non-Corporate Membership classes, please click on the appropriate link below:

  • Student Member - post-secondary planning student who is currently enrolled full-time in a university planning school/program which is formally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) & Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC). Click here for more information on becoming a Student member.
  • Pre-Candidate - an individual who has declared her/his intention to seek Candidate and ultimately Certified membership and 'Registered Professional Planner' status with the Institute, but who is not yet eligible for admission to Candidate membership.
  • Public Subscriber - any individual with a general interest in planning who is not directly involved in planning and is not eligible for any other category of membership but who wishes to be connected with the profession and the Institute, and to receive some of the Institute's services.
  • Retired Member - former Certified member of the Institute who had been a Certified member for a minimum of ten years, who has reached or surpassed the age of 55, and who has fully retired from the practice of planning. Eligible members should contact PIBC to apply for this category.
  • Honourary Member - an exceptional individual not normally qualified for professional membership that PIBC Council has unanimously acknowledged as someone who warrants recognition for having demonstrated special interest in, or concern for the planning profession, or who has given outstanding service, or made a significant contribution to the Institute.
For detailed questions regarding the membership process, please contact:

Nina Schmidt
Manager of Operations

Tel: 604.696.5031
Toll-free: 1.866.696.5031
Fax: 604.696.5032
Email: office@pibc.bc.ca