Official Documents

PIBC's governance and administration are guided by several key documents. These include the Institute’s founding mandate, bylaws, rules of ethical conduct for members, strategic plan of key goals and initiatives, and a summary report of recent activities and projects.

Download copies of a number of PIBC official documents below here.

Constitution & Bylaws:

The Constitution and Bylaws are the official governing documents for the Institute. These documents were revised in 2016 as part of the Institute's transition under the new Societies Act of British Colubmia. Included within the bylaws is the Institute's Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct, which is also available as a separate document.

Strategic Plan:

PIBC's Board of Directors maintains a Strategic Plan to guide its set priorities and guide its activities. It is reviewed and updated every two-year Board term. A copy of the current 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, as well as periodic summary progress updates can be downloaded here.

Annual Report:

The Institute produces an Annual Report each year, in tandem with every Annual General Meeting. The report provides a brief overview of the Institute's activities over the preceding year, as well as audited financial statements from the most recent fiscal year. The report, along with other various official documents can be downloaded here. 

Other Documents:

2017 Survey:  The Institute undertook an extensive membership survey in the Spring of 2017 to help provide an updated profile of the Institute's membership, and to provide member feedback and input regarding Institute activities, programs, and services. The the survey's summary report and analysis can be downloaded here. 


QUESTIONS?  If you have any questions, please contact PIBC Executive Director Dave Crossley at: or telephone: 604.696.5031 / Toll Free: 1.866.696.5031.

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