Membership Transfers & Relocation

Membership Transfers Within Canada

As a benefit of being affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) members in certain categories who permanently relocate to another Canadian province or territory can directly transfer their membership to the appropriate CIP affiliated planning institute or association in that province/territory, without having to re-apply or re-certify.

Membership Transfer Eligibility:
  • Must be either a Certified, Fellow, Retired, Candidate or Student Member of PIBC and CIP.
  • Must be a member in-good-standing at the time of application (i.e. paid all current membership fees, current on CPD requirements, no outstanding disciplinary matters, etc.).
  • Must be permanently relocating (for the foreseeable future) elsewhere, outside of BC and the Yukon.

The following form should be used by members to apply to transfer their membership elsewhere in Canada (or to CIP International membership for those leaving Canada):

Relocating Outside of Canada?

For members relocating outside of Canada, you can transfer to become a CIP International member using the transfer form above. However, if you are seeking formal professional membership within a foriegn country, you cannot transfer your membership and you should consult with the appropriate professional planning institute or association in that country or location directly regarding your eligibility for professional membership there.

Becoming a professional member in certain foreign countries can, in some cases, be expedited for current Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) members thanks to reciprocal agreements negotiated by CIP. These countries and their corresponding professional planning institutes or associations include (click for links to their websites):