Membership Exam Course

The Membership Exam Course option for the Written Exam (Exam B) involves an applicant attending and completing an intensive, facilitated three-day weekend workshop-style course along with other candidates. In addition to completing a variety of workshop exercises and sessions, participating candidates will complete and submit a full written response to the Written Exam questions.

The next offering of the Membership Exam Course will be held on November 24-26, 2017 at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver. Registration for the course is now CLOSED.

NOTE: This will be the last and final offering of the Membership Exam Course; it will no longer be offered after this calendar year. Eligible Candidate members interested in completing the Written Exam via the course option are encouraged to register this year. After 2017, the Written Exam will only be available as a take-home option.

Enrollment in the Membership Exam Course includes:

  • All course/exam preparatory readings & materials
  • Course facilitation by two leading professional practitioners
  • All facilitated course workshops/sessions
  • Certain light meals/refreshments onsite during the course
  • Payment of the requisite Written Exam fee

The following points serve as guideline information regarding the Membership Exam Course.

  • The Membership Exam Course is typically offered once or twice per year, each spring and/or fall.
  • Space in each offering is limited, and enrollment in the course for Candidates is subject to availability.
  • Enrollment is limited to PIBC Candidate members in good standing, who are required to complete the Written Exam (Exam B) requirement for membership, who also have attained at least four or more years of planning experience, and who have commenced the Certified membership process (including submitting the Certified membership application form, payment of the $180 application fee and signed logbook).
  • Membership Exam Course materials, including preparatory readings (all included in the cost of the course) are only provided after application and enrolment in a particular offering of the course, and after payment of the requisite course fees.
  • The Membership Exam Course fee is currently: $835 plus GST.
  • Enrolled participants are expected to complete a series of preparatory readings, as well as complete and submit one pre-course assignment prior to the commencement of the weekend course.
  • The written response to the Exam questions completed as part of the Membership Exam Course is exactly the same as a submission made under the Self-Directed Take Home Exam option (i.e. the same questions, the same guidelines for the written response, and the same evaluation criteria).
  • Successful completion of the Membership Exam Course covers the Written Exam (Exam B) requirement for membership only, and does not cover the other Certified membership requirements (Membership Application Form, Log Book, Oral Exam, etc.).

Applying to Enroll in the Membership Exam Course:

Applications for registration for the Fall 2017 (November 24-26) offering of the PIBC Membership Exam Course are now CLOSED. Applications should have been sent via e-mail to, or by mail to the following address:

Planning Institute of British Columbia
#1750 - 355 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC  V6C 2G8

Contact Ryan Noakes, Manager of Member Programs & Services
Tel: 604.696.5031 Toll Free: 1.866.696.5031

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