Member Engagement Committee

The Member Engagement Committee is a standing committee of the Board, and is responsible for the oversight, coordination, and maintenance of the Institute’s internal membership outreach, engagement, and support activities. The committee has two permanent sub-committees: the Student Liaison Sub-Committee and the Academic Liaison Sub-Committee.


Current Committee Members:

Kenna Jonkman MCIP, RPP (Chair)

David Block MCIP, RPP

Mairi Bosomworth (Candidate)

Craig Busch (Student)

Lesley Cabott MCIP, RPP

Clarissa Huffman (Candidate)

Ed Grifone MCIP, RPP

Carole Jolly MCIP, RPP

Greg Mitchell MCIP, RPP

Katrin Saxty MCIP, RPP

Bruce Simard MCIP, RPP

Daniel Sturgeon (Candidate Member)

Kasel Yamashita MCIP, RPP

Ryan Noakes (Institute Staff)