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A Candidate member in good standing who is working to become a Certified member, or 'Registered Professional Planner' with the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute of Planners, must record their work experience in a log book – in accordance with the bylaws of the Institute in place at the time they were admitted as a Candidate member – to meet the minimum 'responsible professional planning work experience’ requirements for Certified membership.

The Log Book:
  • The log book shall set out the 'responsible professional planning experience' of the candidate, reflecting, where possible, the specialized interest of the candidate;
  • The log book shall show the duration of time for each item of 'responsible professional planning experience';
  • Each item noted in the log book shall have the signature of the supervising Certified (formerly Full) Member as witness to the completion of the work described; and
  • The composition of the work recorded shall correspond to the definition of planning and to 'responsible professional planning experience'.

The logbook is a written documentary record, which details 'responsible professional planning experience.'

The log book should be compiled by a Candidate member on a regular basis, and then, when complete, submitted in conjunction with a formal application for Certified membership. Candidates are strongly encouraged to utilize PIBC's available Log Book Guidelines and Log Book Entry Samples. Download and review the following Log Book Guide & Samples [PDF] for guidance assistance.

Each log book entry must include the following information:

  • Position Held
  • Employer/Client Name and Address
  • Time and Duration of Experience
  • Reporting Relationship
  • Description of Experience
  • Dated Signature of Candidate
  • Dated signature of the supervisor and the sponsoring Certified member attesting that the work described is accurate and meets the Institute's definition of responsible professional planning experience.
  • Contact information for the supervisor and the sponsoring Certified member


  • If the supervisor is not a Certified Member, both the non-member supervisor and a sponsoring Certified member must sign and provide an attestation statement.
  • All log books submitted become the property of the Institute and are subject to review and audit.

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