Log Book Resources

A Candidate member in good standing who is working to become a Certified member, or 'Registered Professional Planner' with the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute of Planners, must record their work experience in a log book – in accordance with the bylaws of the Institute in place at the time they were admitted as a Candidate member – to meet the minimum 'responsible professional planning work experience’ requirements for Certified membership.

The info mentioned below only applies for Candidate Members who applied before June 2012.

For everyone, who applied after June 2012: Please follow the PSB guidelines via http://www.psb-planningcanada.ca/CERTIFICATION/PDF/SampleWorkLogSubmissi....

The Log Book:
  • The log book shall set out the 'responsible professional planning experience' of the candidate, reflecting, where possible, the specialized interest of the candidate;
  • The log book shall show the duration of time for each item of 'responsible professional planning experience';
  • Each item noted in the log book shall have the signature of the supervising Certified (formerly Full) Member as witness to the completion of the work described; and
  • The composition of the work recorded shall correspond to the definition of planning and to 'responsible professional planning experience'.

The logbook is a written documentary record, which details 'responsible professional planning experience.'

The log book should be compiled by a Candidate member on a regular basis, and then, when complete, submitted in conjunction with a formal application for Certified membership. Candidates are strongly encouraged to utilize PIBC's available Log Book Guidelines and Log Book Entry Samples. For everyone who applied before June 2012: Download and review the following Log Book Guide & Samples [PDF] for guidance assistance. 

Each log book entry must include the following information:

  • Position Held
  • Employer/Client Name and Address
  • Time and Duration of Experience
  • Reporting Relationship
  • Description of Experience
  • Dated Signature of Candidate
  • Dated signature of the supervisor and the sponsoring Certified member attesting that the work described is accurate and meets the Institute's definition of responsible professional planning experience.
  • Contact information for the supervisor and the sponsoring Certified member


  • If the supervisor is not a Certified Member, both the non-member supervisor and a sponsoring Certified member must sign and provide an attestation statement.
  • All log books submitted become the property of the Institute and are subject to review and audit.

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