Current Fee Schedule

2019 Membership Fees:

The following membership fees are applicable for the 2019 calendar year (beginning as of Jan. 1st). Membership fees listed are annual, and include all membership fees (including CIP membership fees and professional liability insurance premiums where applicable) as well as applicable taxes (GST):

Certified (including Fellow) & Candidate Membership

(includes annual CIP Fee & CIP Insurance Premium)


Certified, & Candidate Membership (On Leave)

(includes annual CIP Fee & CIP Insurance Premium)


Retired Membership

(includes annual CIP Fee)


Student Membership (accredited Planning Students)

(includes annual CIP Membership)

Please find accredited Universities here:

  $   0.00



Pre-Candidate & Public Subscriber

(without annual CIP Fee)

Pre-Candidate & Public Subscriber

(with annual CIP Fee)





Public Subscriber (Student rate)

(without annual CIP Fee)

Public Subscriber (Student rate)

(with annual CIP Fee)


  $  60.00


  $  83.10

Honourary Membership   $    0.00

Note: Membership fees are due every Jan. 2nd, or upon admission to membership, and are separate from any application, assessment, or other processing fees. Membership fees may be partially pro-rated for new members admitted part way through the first calendar year of membership. Due to the federal Goods & Services Tax (GST) / Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and professional insurance requirements, total membership fees for certain members who live & work outside of the province of British Columbia or outside of Canada may vary from those listed here - please check with PIBC.

Membership Application & Resource Fees:

Membership application fees are one-time, non-refundable administrative fees, payable at the time of application. Fees listed include taxes where applicable:

Certified Application (Candidate admitted before Jun. 11, 2012)   $180.00
Pre-Candidate Application   $   0.00
Student & Public-Subscriber Application   $   0.00
Membership Reinstatement (in good standing)   $195.00


Note: The following fees only apply for Candidate members admitted before Jun. 11, 2012, who are completing the Certified Membership certification process under the previous membership standards and processes. More recent Candidate members will complete the new certification process, through the national Professional Standards Board (PSB). Fees listed include taxes where applicable:

Written Exam for Membership (Exam B) Fee   $304.50
Written Exam (Exam B) Membership Exam Course Fee   $876.75
Oral Exam for Membership (Exam A) Fee   $  78.75
Written Exam Preparation Materials Fee (Price per set)   $  73.50
Penalty & Other Fees:

The following other fees are assessed where applicable:

Late Membership Fee Penalty (Corporate Members)   $100.00
Late Membership Fee Penalty (Public Subcriber / Pre-Candidate / On Leave)        $  50.00
Late Membership Fee Penalty (Retired)   $  25.00
Late CPL Reporting Penalty Fee - Full   $100.00
Late CPL Reporting Penalty Fee - Partial   $  75.00
NSF Cheque Penalty   $  40.00
Note: Other fees as may be applied from time to time.   (Various)