Continuous Professional Learning Committee

The Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Committee is responsible for overseeing and administering PIBC’s continuous professional learning program and activities - including overseeing the development of professional learning activities for members and monitoring professional members' comliance with the Institute's mandatory CPL requirements.


Current Committee Members:

Lesley Cabott MCIP, RPP (Co-Chair)

Lisa Krebs MCIP, RPP (Co-Chair)

Brent Elliott MCIP, RPP

Elicia Elliott MCIP, RPP

Deborah Jensen MCIP, RPP

Sara Muir-Owen MCIP, RPP

Dr. Pamela Shaw MCIP, RPP

Jan Thingsted MCIP, RPP

Gloria Venczel MCIP, RPP

Sophie King (Institute Staff)

Ryan Noakes (Institute Staff)