Changes in Membership Status

Leave From Active Membership & Reinstatement

As a flexible membership benefit, members who temporarily leaving active planning practice for various reasons – such as maternity or paternity leave, extended medial or disability leave – may be granted temporary leave from active membership accordingly. Members on leave may not use any professional title or designation after their name during that period nor engage in any active planning practice. Leave from active membership is time-limited (typically more than six months and not longer than two years) and is subject to the consideration and approval of the PIBC Board of Directors.

Please Note: The same form below should also be used by members currently on leave to reinstate their membership status back to that of an active, practicing member.

Membership Status Change Eligibility:
  • Must be either a Certified, Fellow, or Candidate Member of PIBC.
  • Must be a member in-good-standing at the time of application (i.e. paid all current membership fees, current on CPL requirements, no outstanding disciplinary matters, etc.).
  • Must be fully leaving active planning practice for an extended, temporary period of time, for a particular reason (such as maternity or paternity leave, extended medial or disability leave, etc.).
  • Must be intending to return to active planning practice in the future.
  • Must agree to continue to abide by the Institute’s bylaws & Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct.

Members on Leave are exempt from the requirement to report continuous professional learning activities while on such status; they are not permitted to use the "MCIP" or "Registered Professional Planner" designations; and, they are required to immediately apply to reinstate their active membership status as soon as they return to the planning profession.  Members on Leave do continue to receive Planning West and Plan Canada magazines, retain their voting privileges in the Institute and receive member rates for conferences and events, as well as other services and benefits.  Such status is meant as a temporary membership status and is normally granted for a two-year period only, unless individual circumstances warrant a longer period.

Members on Leave are still required to pay annual membership fees, but at a drastically reduced rate than active members. For 2018, Members on Leave will pay $200.50 in membership fees for the entire year.  If they decide to opt-out of the CIP professional liability insurance coverage, the fees will decrease even further to $156.50 for the entire year.

Required to go back to active Membership:

In the event that you return to active planning practice prior to the date you specified on your application form for On Leave status, all you need to do is send us a short email noting the exact date that you returned to active practice and we will update your membership record accordingly and inform Council. Also, if you have not yet paid the premium for the CIP Professional Errors & Omissions insurance coverage, which is a mandatory portion of the CIP membership fees for active Candidate and Certified members, you will be invoiced for the premium upon your return to active practice.

Important:  When applying to change your membership status, be sure to indicate any and all changes to your contact information (e.g. email, mailing address, etc.) when submitting your form.

The following form should be used by eligible members to apply to change (or reinstate) their membership status: