Board & Committees

PIBC Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (formerly known as Council) is responsible for the overall leadership and governance of PIBC’s activities and business, including appointing officer positions and certain committee chairs, setting the annual budget, determining policy, and setting PIBC's strategic direction.

The Board consists of 11 voting volunteer members, and is elected every two years. It includes PIBC's President, President-Elect, eight Certified Members, and one Candidate member representative. In addition the Board may also include non-voting guest participants, including represenatives of the Institute's Student members.

PIBC Committees

PIBC has several key standing and operational committees, as well as temporary task forces, to assist in carrying out the various activities of the Institute:

Other PIBC Representatives

PIBC also appoints or nominates various volunteer member representatives for a variety of external roles – on government committees, external agencies, national bodies, and other similar roles.


If you are a member, and are interested in possibly volunteering for a PIBC committee or other role, please contact PIBC.