Applying for Candidate Membership

Based on new membership criteria and processes that came into effect on June 11th, 2012, individuals seeking Candidate membership must first have their qualifications assessed by the nationally-based Professional Standards Board for the planning profession in Canada (PSB), prior to admission to Candidate membership in PIBC. The PSB is now the first stop for applicants for Candidate membership. Only once an applicant has been assessed by the PSB, and recommended for admission can they be admitted to Candidate membership. A summary of the criteria for Candidate membership is available here. The process for applying for Candidate membership is as follows:
  • Apply for assessment of your qualifications with the Professional Standards Board (PSB)
  • Following successful assessment by the PSB, submit confirmation and payment of membership fees to PIBC
  • Receive formal admission to Candidate membership by PIBC Council
Get started by visiting and contacting the Professional Standards Board (PSB). Be sure to review all the applicant information carefully prior to submitting your application for assessment, to ensure Candidate membership is the right path for you.
Once you have been assessed and recommended for admission, we look forward to welcoming you as a Candidate member of PIBC!