Andrew Ramlo MCIP, RPP

Subject Matter Expert


Andrew Ramlö MCIP, RPP  As one of Canada's most well known demographers and planning consultants, Mr. Andrew Ramlö is in high demand for his uncanny ability to forecast the demographic and economic change in Canada's diverse regions and markets -- and relate this information to specific industries, organizations, and firms. 

As Director of Urban Futures Incorporated, Mr. Ramlö works with many of Canada's leading investors, retailers, and developers, as well as many of Canada's most rapidly changing municipalities, public agencies, and crown corporations. He is regularly quoted in the media; with his talks being informative, animated, and lively.  With a focus on the dimensions of change -- demographic, societal, economic, and environmental -- he outlines strategies designed to address the challenges and opportunities organizations and individuals will face in the decades to come. He has written numerous research reports on a broad scope of topics, ranging from labour force, pension plans, and healthcare to urban planning and regional economies.


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