AGM & Board Elections



The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), will take place as follows:

  • Date:   Wednesday May 8th, 2019
  • Time:  3:00 PM
  • Location:  Marine Room, Westin Bayshore Hotel, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver, BC  V6G 2V4

The Agenda for the AGM will be as follows: 

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of Board Members & Guests
  3. Board Elections - Appointment of Scrutineers
  4. Minutes of Previous General Meetings - Annual General Meeting (June 1, 2018)
  5. Report of the Board & Committees (Annual Report)
  6. 2018 Audited Financial Statements
  7. Appointment of Auditors (2019 Fiscal Year)
  8. Board Elections - Report of Election Results & Introduction of 2019-2021 Board
  9. Adjournment

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Additional information about elections for the Board of Directors and nominations can be found below.

This notice & information is provided on behalf of PIBC Secretary-Treasurer Carole Jolly MCIP, RPP.


We are also pleased to confirm that the presentation of the winners of the 2019 Awards for Excellence in Planning and Awards for Individual Achievement will take place at the same location immediately following the adjournment of the business portion of the AGM. All members and guests are encouraged to join us in celebrating the best of planning and the planning profession as we mark this year's award winners.


In accordance with the bylaws of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), the Institute is holding elections for positions on the PIBC Board of Directors for the two-year (2019-2021) Board term, in conjunction with the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Institute’s Governance & Nominating Committee undertook a process to put forward nominees for the available Board positions in accordance with the bylaws. Additionally, further nominations from the membership at-large were sought. The nomination process closed as of Friday March 8th, 2019. Online voting by eligible members is underway as of Friday March 22nd, 2019.

The following members have been nominated to stand for election to the PIBC Board for the 2019-2021 term:

President-Elect (1 Certified Member to be elected):

  • David Block MCIP, RPP *

Members (8 Certified Members to be elected):

  • Ross Blackwell MCIP, RPP
  • Lui Carvello MCIP, RPP
  • Patricia Dehnel MCIP, RPP
  • Deborah Jensen MCIP, RPP
  • Kenna Jonkman MCIP, RPP
  • Chani Joseph-Ritchie MCIP, RPP
  • Simon Lapointe MCIP, RPP
  • Patricia Maloney FCIP, RPP
  • Sara Muir Owen MCIP, RPP
  • Dave Pady MCIP, RPP
  • Katrin Saxty MCIP, RPP
  • Alex Taylor MCIP, RPP

Candidate Member Rep (1 Candidate member to be elected):

  • Marli Bodhi
  • Keltie Chamberlain

* Elected by acclamation.

Online Voting: 

All eligible voting members of PIBC have been individually emailed instructions and a unique link to cast their ballot(s) electronically online. Additionally, information about the nominated candidates for the various positions is available here (see links below).

Voting will remain open and continue up until the start of the AGM on the afternoon of Wednesday May 8th.

Election Candidate Information:

  • For information about Certified Members nominated to the Board, click here.
  • For information about Candidate Members nominated to the Board, click here.

Important Notes:

  • Eligible members only vote and receive electronic ballots for contested positions (and candidates) in the same respective membership category to which they themselves belong.
  • Online voting is now open, and will close at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 3:00 PM (Pacific) on Wednesday May 8th, 2019.
  • Members are encouraged to carefully review the applicable candidate information available above prior to casting their online ballot.
  • Each eligible member may only log into the online voting system and cast a ballot once using the unique link provided by email.
  • Once cast online, electronic ballots cannot be retrieved or altered.
  • All votes will be tallied and the results reported to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday May 8th, 2019.

This notice & information is provided on behalf of PIBC Secretary-Treasurer Carole Jolly MCIP, RPP.


QUESTIONS?  If you have any questions, please contact PIBC Executive Director Dave Crossley at: or Telephone: 604.696.5031 Ext. 102 / Toll Free: 1.866.696.5031 Ext. 102.

Thank you!

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