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All current members in good standing receive the Institute’s quarterly magazine – Planning West – as part of their membership benefits. Subscribers also receive Planning West regularly as part of their subscription.

The Institute is pleased to make older archived past editions (from one year ago and beyond) available through this public online archive of past editions. You can download electronic version of past editions for personal, individual use by clicking on the links below:

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Planning West magazine is available to non-members and other interested subscribers (such as universities, libraries, and other organizations) through paid annual subscriptions.

Planning West also provides advertising opportunities for organizations and companies looking to affordably and effectively reach our exclusive readership of practicing professional planners and associates across British Columbia and the Yukon.

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Planning West magazine relies upon the submissions of volunteer members and other authors, who regularly contribute to its rich and informative content. PIBC welcomes contributions and articles from members and non-members alike who are interested in reaching a professional planning audience or have something related to planning to share.

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If you are interested in writing an article, making a submission or have any questions about the editorial content of Planning West, please contact the Editor:

Planning West

Planning West is the Planning Institute of British Columbia’s quarterly news magazine and provides articles and information of interest to the Institute's approximately 1,600 practicing professional planners, planning students, associate members and subscribers. Planning West contains an informative selection of feature articles and opinion pieces about contemporary planning topics and issues, book reviews, planning law and other professional practice updates, and information about the Institute and its activities.

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