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Planning West – Past Editions Archives

All current members in good standing receive the Institute’s quarterly magazine – Planning West – as part of their membership benefits. Subscribers also receive Planning West regularly as part of their subscription.

The Institute is pleased to make archived past editions (from one year ago and beyond) available through this online archive of past editions. You can download electronic version of past editions by clicking on the links below:

Self-Directed Take Home Exam

The Self-Directed Take Home option for the Written Exam (Exam B) involves an applicant drafting and submitting a full written response to the Exam questions, in essay form, under their own direction over a fixed period of time – one calendar week – after applying to write and receiving the Exam issued by the Institute.

Log Book Guidelines & FAQs

The following section highlights some key tips and guidelines for individuals as they prepare and complete entries for their log book. It addresses key issues, and many of the frequently asked questions related to the log book:

What is ‘Responsible Professional Planning Experience’?

To answer this question you need to understand the Institute's definition of two key terms, 'planning' and 'responsible professional planning experience'.

Log Book Entry Samples


Click on the links below for samples of log book entries for different types of planning work, and different types of employment situations. They are samples only, and do not cover every possible type of work or position within the broad field of planning. Every log book entry is unique to the individual and work being described, however these samples can provide useful tips for applicants:

Retired Membership

Retired Membership & Reinstatement

Senior Certified members who are now retired and leaving active planning practice may apply to become a non-corporate Retired member. Retired members continue to enjoy many of the services and benefits of membership, at a substantially reduced fee rate.

Please Note: The same form below should also be used by current Retired members who return to planning practice, and need to reinstate their membership back to that of an active, practicing Certified member and 'Registered Professional Planner'.

Changes in Membership Status

Leave From Active Membership & Reinstatement

As a flexible membership benefit, members who temporarily leaving active planning practice for various reasons – such as maternity or paternity leave, extended medial or disability leave – may be granted temporary leave from active membership accordingly. Members on leave may not use any professional title or designation after their name during that period nor engage in any active planning practice.

Membership Transfers & Relocation

Membership Transfers Within Canada

As a benefit of being affiliated with the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) members in certain categories who permanently relocate to another Canadian province or territory can directly transfer their membership to the appropriate CIP affiliated planning institute or association in that province/territory, without having to re-apply or re-certify.

Oral Exam Resources

All Candidate members in good standing working towards Certified membership, or 'Registered Professional Planner' status, with the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute of Planners are required to successfully complete an Oral Exam interview as the final step towards Certified membership.

Written Exam & Membership Exam Course Resources

A Candidate member in good standing who is working to become a Certified member, or 'Registered Professional Planner' with the Planning Institute of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute of Planners, and who does not hold a university degree in planning from a school/program which is formally accredited by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) & Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), is required to complete the Written Exam requirement for Certified membership (also know as Exam B).

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