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The Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC) offers electronic online posting of employment opportunities by outside third-party organizations and/or individuals, and provides for the electronic online posting of resumes by current PIBC members in good standing. These services are offered at the sole discretion of PIBC, and are further subject to the following Terms & Conditions:

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Looking for new opportunities in the planning profession? PIBC enables members seeking planning-related employment to post their resume online for review by prospective employers. Current PIBC members in any membership class can post their personal introduction and resume (3 pages maximum) online for up to ninety days at no charge. Please note: this service is not available for non-members.

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Looking to employ a professional planner or fill a vacant planning-related role?  PIBC offers the the best, most targeted way to reach the right audience. Reach nearly 1,600 professional planners and associates throughout BC and the Yukon in a focused, cost-effective way that generates results.


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PIBC is pleased to provide resources and information for individuals and organizations seeking to employ a professional planner, or seek the assistance of a professional planning consultant, as well as for individual members seeking employment in the planning field.

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