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Academic Liaison Sub-Committee

The Academic Liaison Sub-Committee is a permanent sub-committee of the Member Engagement Committee, and is responsible for the oversight, coordination, and maintenance of the Institute’s outreach and engagement with accredited university planning programs in British Columbia and the Yukon. It includes representatives from each of the accredited university planning programs in BC and the Yukon.


Current Sub-Committee Members:


Ryan Noakes (Institute Staff)

Professional Standards & Certification Committee

The Professional Standards & Certification Committee is a standing committee of the Board, and is responsible for the oversight, coordination, and maintenance of the Institute’s membership admission and certification standards, university planning program accreditation standards, and other relevant membership requirements.


Current Committee Members:

Katrin Saxty MCIP, RPP (Chair)

Patricia Dehnel MCIP, RPP

Alex Kondor MCIP, RPP

Brian Miller MCIP, RPP

Zoë Morrison MCIP, RPP

Policy & Public Affairs Committee

The Policy & Public Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Board, and is responsible for the oversight, coordination, and direction of the Institute’s issues policy work, government relations, and legislative and regulatory affairs.


Current Committee Members:

Suzanne Smith MCIP, RPP (Chair)

Daniel Huang MCIP, RPP (Co-Chair)

Patricia Dehnel MCIP, RPP

Taryn Hayes MCIP, RPP

Yazmin Hernandez-Banuelas MCIP, RPP

Chani Joseph-Ritchie MCIP, RPP

Heather Kauer (Candidate)

Governance & Nominating Committee

The Governance & Nominating Committee is a standing committee of the Board, and is responsible for, in accordance with the Institute’s bylaws, the oversight, coordination, and direction of the Institute’s governance, policy, and nominating activities and affairs.


Current Committee Members:

David Block MCIP, RPP (Chair)

Michelle Kam MCIP, RPP

Rob Roycroft MCIP, RPP

Jennifer Macintyre (Candidate member)

Dave Crossley (Institute Staff)

PIBC Resources

Welcome to the PIBC Resources section. Below are links to various resources, including websites, articles, research, videos and more, on topics relevant to planning in BC and in the Yukon. If you have a resource you would like to share or add to this page, please contact us at info@pibc.bc.ca.


Climate Action Task Force

We make decisions every day and each one has an impact. Most planners are aware that climate change is occurring and that planning plays a key role in attacking its causes and mitigating climate impacts already underway. The reality is, however, many of us struggle to put solutions into action in our work for a variety of reasons – whether due to politics, leadership choices, funding shortfalls or lack of up to date information.

With this as a backdrop, PIBC has established the Climate Action Task Force (CATF) with a mandate to:

Board Meetings

PIBC Board Meetings

The Board of Directors (formerly Council) holds regular meetings througout the year, typically five to six times each year. Board meetings are usually held in person, however the Board does occasionally hold meetings electronically. Information about the Board's current and upcoming meeting schedule can be foud below.

To view the summary notes [PDF] of past Board or Council meetings click on the indivudal meeting date below:

Honourary & Life Members

PIBC maintains two distinguished opportunities to recognize and honour both: individuals outside of the Institute's professional membership who have contributed significantly to planning or to the Institute (Honourary Membership); and accomplished, long-serving professional members of the Institute worthy of special distinction ("Life Member" designation). Please review the information below to learn more about these special recognition opportunities

Continuous Professional Learning Committee

The Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) Committee is an operational committee, and is responsible for overseeing and administering the Institute’s continuous professional learning program and activities - including overseeing the development and delivery of professional learning content, activities and events for members.


Current Committee Members:

Lesley Cabott MCIP, RPP (Chair)

Brent Elliott MCIP, RPP

Clarissa Huffman (Candidate Member)

Deborah Jensen MCIP, RPP

Sara Muir-Owen MCIP, RPP

AGM & Board Elections



Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Planning Institute of British Columbia (PIBC), which took place as follows:

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